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Health Inside founded by Mr. Dhruba Biswas, is an initiative taken in the form of an e-magazine, to spread the awareness about people’s health and wellness, as well as mental heath and to circulate the latest information about the treatment procedures, medicines to all the Bengalis living worldwide. Mr. Biswas has 10 years experience in medical field as well as in electronic media. He also owned an YouTube channel named ‘Health Inside’ where we discuss with an expert or a doctor about both physical and mental illness to spread the awareness regarding these issues.

Our mission

Health inside brings you the latest information about various health disease, fitness and wellness. Our motto is to motivate you for a healthy lifestyle and take you closer to recovery from the physical or mental problems, so that they can protect themselves from any danger. Our goal is to give a platform to those who are working on the field of health, so that they can share their own views with everyone.

Our Vision

In the near future we want to reach out to those rural areas where electricity has not yet reached, naturally there is a lack of health awareness among the people of those area. We are going to reach out all those areas physically and work on women’s health. We would also like to make everyone aware of the importance of health hygiene for living a healthy life. Many children and pregnant women are still suffering from malnutrition in remote rural areas, we also want to extend a helping hand to them. The countless people around the world, those who are willing to be with us and help us financially, physically or emotionally, are most welcomed. Please feel free to contact with us.
Over 100 medical professionals are associated with us.